Thursday, March 25, 2010


We found a container of these activity beads at Goodwill 11,000 for $2.99 and could not pass it up! We made one at Stay 'n Play at school and Cameron wanted to keep them when we got home. We spent about an hour and 15 minutes making more of them. This is a great hand-eye coordination and patience activity. You have to be careful you don't knock off the ones you already put on. You can see the look of concentration! (:

Here are the ones we made so far!

Cameron is really working!

Cameron is really into learning his letters and numbers right now! Mostly his letters! We got the Letter Factory movie (which I LOVE!!); I don't like Cam to watch tv but this is something I don't mind him watching! We've been working on letters a lot at school too and I think that has made a huge difference too! We wrote uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers on separate sheets of paper and Cameron wants me to point to the different letters and he says them. If he knows them, he gets to put a sticker on it. He asks to do this all the time which makes me smile!! I try not to go in order because I want him to be able to recognize them on their own. It's nice to see which ones he knows and which we need to work on.