Monday, September 29, 2008

Kaitlyn and Homecoming

I have to get these pictures up of Kaitlyn!! She had homecoming at Lutheran on Saturday, September 20th. She looked so grown up!! I love this girl!!!!

Buzz Lightyear makes homemade playdough

Cam and I made playdough this morning! Yes, he's wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume. We spent about an hour this morning talking about what costume he wants for halloween and we still have picked one. This is one of his dress-up costumes and loves to wear it everywhere. Chris even let him wear it to the zoo.

I love making things with him now. I love babies the best but it's so fun when they can start helping. I know that I could have made it much faster and cleaner but it's nice when we can slow down and do things like this!

Play Dough Recipe
4 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 cups water
4 tablespoons oil
1/2 cup cream of tartar
Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan. Cook and stir over low/medium heat until play dough is completely formed and no longer sticky. Allow to cool slightly before storing in an air tight container or zip lock bag.

*You can use 1/2 and 1/2 of baking soda and baking powder if you want. It turns out the same*
This was a new trick that I learned today and it's really nice. Cream of tartar can be expensive because you can only get it in tiny containers so its much cheaper to make it with the baking soda and powder.
Here we are playing with our new playdough!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dinner at Shogun

We had a great time at Shogun tonight for dinner. This is a Hibachi restaurant in Racine and the kids love it there! Alright, Cameron doesn't like the fire part but tonight he didn't even mind it!! It is SO expensive but the kids really have fun and I know that when they get older this is one of the things that the kids will remember! We all have those memories of when we were children and we want our kids to have these memories too!

I remember all family vacation we would take with my nana and uncle. Every year the week after the 4th of July we would go on a week vacation with my nana and uncle! I loved staying in the same room as my nana and uncle! We've gone to LaCrosse, Mackinaw Island, Michigan, even to Pennsylvania! It's something I loved (even if there was always one MAJOR fight between somebody, that part I didn't enjoy) and want my kids to have those memories without the arguing (:

Anyways, back to my Shogun memory! The kids had a blast trying to catch the vegetables!! Here they are all trying to catch zucchini! Anthony was the fastest to get it but Kait caught it too (after a few tries) and even Cameron got a piece in his mouth (alright, they told him to close his eyes and open his mouth and Andy put it in his mouth and we all cheered and clapped!). Even Chris and I tried. Okay, Chris did it right away and I never did! I tried but it never happened.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trip to St. Louis

I never shared about our wonderful trip to St. Louis! It was planned so that Chris and the boys could go to the Rams vs. Giants game but it turned into so much more than that!! It turned into one of my favorite and best trips we've had! It was relaxing (I guess for our family we'd call it relaxing) and just a pleasant time!! There was no yelling or arguing about ANYTHING! I'm reading the best books right now but that's a whole other post.

We took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. What a beautiful zoo! We had a blast there and saw lots of cool animals! We even saw a dinosaur!!

The kids showed Cam how to act funny! He really didn't understand what and why they were doing what they were doing.

We went to a restaurant Saturday night that use to be owned by the Cardinals announcer but he died. Chris found out that the management of the Giants was going to be there later that night. Of course, Chris had to see who was going to be there so he took the other kids back for dessert so he could see who was there. Anthony got his cast signed by a Giants player that now is a coach. It was cool to see the kids and Chris get excited and enjoy the same thing. I love the kind of teenagers the kids are!!! They are so special and I feel so close to them. I hope we have the same kind of bond with Cam when he's a teen that we do with the other two.

I love this picture!!! It shows what a stinker this little brother is and how good the older kids are with him!!

We went to the St. Louis Children's Museum too! The kids had fun there too. It doesn't matter how old they are!!

We even saw Sacagawea!! What we make our kids do!!! His first girlfriend will love to see these pictures!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

spending time with my Jelly!!

I love doing fun projects with the kids! Okay the big ones aren't as excited with projects but I luckily Cam still loves to do them!! I don't know what I'll do once Cameron gets older and doesn't want to do projects with me! I guess I'll have to find some other little child to do them with me.

Here's Cameron and I at the beach collecting rocks to make a matching game.

Okay, we're not doing so hot collecting the rocks, we'd much rather throw them in the water. This was fine because there were plenty of rocks!

We brought the rocks home and put stickers on one side and then turned them over and made a matching game with them! Cameron really liked it (we used animal stickers). We also made one with different colored butterflies too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The boys first day of school

Jeez!! Sometimes I just don't think!! I totally forgot to post Anthony's first day of school pics! I know that its been 1 week already since school started but better late than never!

Of course I made Chris take Tally for a walk so he could get Anthony's first day of school picture. Anthony didn't mind it as much as Kait but I think that's because he idolizes Chris so much so he doesn't care what Chris would do!! He's such a doll!! I love this kid!!!

Here's Cam's first day of preschool picture! This was the best I could do, he would not stand still! He had it after his first day. He did great but it was a long time for he. He had to sit for both sessions and by the end he was DONE!

End of summer?

I don't want the summer to end yet!! I don't think I ever want summer to end. I'm sure Chris has a different feeling, by now he's ready for a break from lawns. He loves to be home in the winter hanging out with Cameron (and I think he likes me too!). Here are some of the reasons that I don't want summer to end.

1. I love to take Cameron outside to play in the backyard with NO COAT and he LOVES to play in the water.

2. I love the kids being home!! They came with to Green Meadows and did lots of other things with us too!!
3. Anthony's baseball games

4. Chris' softball games

5. Trips to the Zoo especially feeding Bo!!

6. Fun events outside with Racine Family Club!

7. Trips to the beach. We went to the beach to collect rocks today and Cameron even put his feet in the water! These are things that I love, we didn't plan on going to the beach but spontenously (sp) went today and had a BLAST!!! I love being able to just go and follow whatever we want to do for the day!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mets baseball - Porcaro's favorite pastime

Here's my boys waiting for the players! Cameron was more interested in seeing what was going everywhere but the field! We had a great time going to the games: I love watching baseball. Luckily the Mets won all three games so it was a nice time.

Here are more pictures of Cameron at the games! You can SOOOO tell he's the baby of the family and can be a stinker!!!

I also tried to get a nice family picture at the game of Chris and the older two and look who stole the show! He wasn't even suppose to be in the picture.