Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of summer?

I don't want the summer to end yet!! I don't think I ever want summer to end. I'm sure Chris has a different feeling, by now he's ready for a break from lawns. He loves to be home in the winter hanging out with Cameron (and I think he likes me too!). Here are some of the reasons that I don't want summer to end.

1. I love to take Cameron outside to play in the backyard with NO COAT and he LOVES to play in the water.

2. I love the kids being home!! They came with to Green Meadows and did lots of other things with us too!!
3. Anthony's baseball games

4. Chris' softball games

5. Trips to the Zoo especially feeding Bo!!

6. Fun events outside with Racine Family Club!

7. Trips to the beach. We went to the beach to collect rocks today and Cameron even put his feet in the water! These are things that I love, we didn't plan on going to the beach but spontenously (sp) went today and had a BLAST!!! I love being able to just go and follow whatever we want to do for the day!!

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