Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Storm

Wow! I can't believe it's been that long since I last posted! I'm really going to try to be better about it. Well today was a snow day for us! That's something that doesn't happen very often when we actually get to stay home the WHOLE day without going anywhere. Cameron is in the bath tub so I actually write a few sentences before he wants my attention again. He's really been a mama's boy lately! He won't let me out of his sight for two minutes. If Chris tries to play with him, he starts freaking out and cries for me. It frustrates Chris because he doesn't understand why he won't be by him and it's gotten hard to get anything done because he won't let me out of his sight. I tell Chris that it's a faze and he'll grow out of it (let's hope because I don't want a 18 year old man attached to my hip). He does love to be with Kaitlyn and will give me a break if she's around but she's been busy cleaning her room (what a disaster)! Anthony's got a really good friend that comes over a lot (his name is Mac) and Cameron loves him alot! He thinks he's another sibling. It's really cute; he'll ask for him at night or in the morning when he's not here and doesn't understand why he isn't here! Christmas was fun but it sure went fast! Anthony told us that it was the best Christmas ever! (he says that every year). It was a great Christmas (except we missed the Klein Klan). Well Cameron is out of the tub and keeps asking, "Nursy, Nursy!" his favorite thing to do! I don't think I'll ever have this boy weaned. He loves it way too much!! Oh well, some day I'll be wishing for these day!

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