Sunday, February 21, 2010

Magic Nuddles

I've been wanting to buy these but I wasn't sure if Cameron would like them. Finally I broke and decided to buy them. Cameron really enjoys them!! I'm really happy we got them. We even used them at church to make crosses. They are starch-based packing peanuts. You just wet them and they stick together. You can build anything. It showed that you could make a hat so I think we'll try that next.

The picture above is suppose to be a robot with a blaster ( I don't like him to use the word "gun") but Chris thinks it looks like a penis! Oh brother!! (:


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

very fun! we may have to order some of these to try:)

Three Wonderful Kids! said...

Are you coming to Bunko? If you are, I will bring a baggie along for you to try!