Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall playdough

We made playdough tonight!!  Thanks Rachel for reminding me to make new playdoh!  (:  We didn't use any coloring; I wanted it to be more of a dough color with sprinkles of apple pie spice added in.  However, I got a little carried away with the spice mix and it turned out to be a little more brown than I wanted.  Oh well, it was a learning experience. 
Since we made our playdoh with apple pie spice we brought out some apple supplies.  We collected some sticks from outside, an apple cookie cutter, some little apples (they were REALLY hard to find, Cam also added pears and little berries too) and a pie tin.  I'd really like to get a little pie tin too but I haven't been to the store.  Once I do, I'll get a little pie tin to make apple and pear pies. 
Cam had the idea to make a pear impression.  I love when kids use their imaginations!! 
Cameron was making me pies!

I LOVE making playdough!!

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