Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter fun

Here's a couple of projects I made for school! These were really fun to do and the kids really enjoyed them!

Cameron has a container that has rice in it that he uses to play in during the winter when its too cold to play in the sandbox. Instead of using scoops and funnels, I put little bunny and carrot erasers in it and added chopsticks for the kids to practice their fine motor skills. It was interesting to watch because some kids got it and could easily pick them up and some had a hard time figuring out how to pinch the sticks together. We told them they couldn't use their fingers to pick them up or find them or put them back. When they were finished they would even try to hid them under the rice for the next person. At our letter and shape table, we put out an egg shape. We had an egg shape traced on a piece of construction paper and the kids had to cut out the egg shape. Then they had to snip pieces of paper and put them on their egg. You can't see it in this picture but we also had the letter W at the table where the kids could draw W's on it and glue W pictures on it.The kids had a good time with our nest and egg counting. I couldn't find any bird's nests so I bought baskets from Hobby Lobby and cut the handle off to look like birds nests. Hobby Lobby had sparkly eggs so we used those as our bird's eggs. The kids had to set out the bird's nests and put a number card in each of the nests. Then they used a tweezers to pick up one of the eggs from the big nest and put the right number of eggs in the number nest.

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