Monday, April 13, 2009

Organizing my life (just kidding!) just by cupboards (:

I really need to be more organized! OKAY, I really want to be more organized! Well here's one way that we are trying to get organized. I was at Bunko last month and I'm not sure if this is exactly how she did it but one of the ladies organized her dinners on one of the insides of her cupboards. This is such a great idea and here's my interpretation of it. This is the second week and its working out great! I've been adding more choices as I think of them! Recipes that I haven't used in a while, I'll get rid of. I wrote where I can find the recipe on the post-it too!
Here's my other organization tool for the kitchen. It's a list of what I have in the kitchen cupboard. This is great because then I just have to look to see if I have it or if I need to buy it when I go grocery shopping. I'm hoping this will stop useless buying!!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea...I always try to meal plan for the week. But I generally only actually plan one week a month...LOL. What I should do is plan the entire month during that one week that I'm motivated :)

I like the idea of having the different dinners around on Post its--that would help with the decision making part for sure.

Momma D to Three said...

looks good! that is how I do it :)
I have your books still I'll get them back to you the next time I see you :)