Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Cam wants for Christmas

Cam is 4 and doesn't get that money does not grow on trees and you don't need EVERY SINGLE TOY THAT HE SEES!!!!  I know this is a hard concept.  Heck, I still want every shoe, purse, electronic, outfit, toy, etc that I see!  (:  He really, really, really wants this Big Foot from Fisher Price. 
Yay, we really, really, really don't need Big Foot!  However, I'm sure he will get it for Christmas (:  Shhhh, don't tell him! 

Last week Cameron wanted to buy a different toy and I told him no because he didn't have the money for it.  He ran upstairs and I heard him dumping out all of his money from his Buzz Lightyear bank.  He yelled from the top of the stairs that we can go now because he's got money.  I went upstairs and saw quite a few coins but I knew it wouldn't be enough.  We counted his money and he had about $15 (the toy he wanted was $35).  I told him that he didn't have enough but he could keep saving for it.  He got really excited, jumped up and ran out of the room.  He came back a couple minutes later with a hand full of change, I asked him where he got the money from.  He smiled and said, "I got it from Kait's room, that's where I get all of my money!"  (:  I smiled to myself, there was NO WAY that I was letting him know that I thought he was pretty quick to think of that.  We talked about how we can't just take things from Kait's room and that we have to ask.  I told him to put the money back in Kait's room and he could ask her when she came home if he could have some money from her room.  He relucantly brought back the money but not before telling me that it was okay that he would just go to Anthony's room......I had to explain that he couldn't take money from ANYONE'S room.  Well.....Chris heard this whole conversation, came in and told Cameron if he picked up pinecones in the backyard he would take him to get his toy.  He explained that you have to work for your money.  This was a good lesson if Chris hadn't made him pick up 10 pine cones for the rest of the money ($20).  WOW, I'll pick up pine cones for that kind of money!  (:  Cam and Chris brought his change (only what was already in his bank) to the bank traded it out and Cameron got to buy his toy. 

Yesterday, Cameron went to Chris and told him that he would go pick up pine cones and they could go to the store and buy Big Foot (he's $100).  I intervened and told him OH NO, Big Foot is a Christmas or Birthday toy, not a pinecone picking up toy!!  Chris gave me a look and said he's trying to work for his money and I promply put my foot down (STOMPED it down) and said NO WAY!  Well, today Cameron kept asking me to check his bank and see how much he had (I'm not sure where he got this change from????) so I told him that we would make a chart and when he added money to his bank (this was also my way of finding out where he was getting this money.  Hey, this is my 3rd kid, I'm no dummy!)  we would mark it off. 
Here's the chart we made to keep track of his money.  It isn't fancy or anything but it serves our purpose. 

I'm making Cam write his name on everything as you can see.  I could only make 62 lines that's why it only goes up to $62.00, I didn't plan ahead well.  Like I said this was spur of the moment. 

Chris brought some change home for Cameron.  He quickly had to put it in his bank.