Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday we had such a blast!! We spent the morning outside. I'm always wanting to do crafts with Cameron but sometimes time and what I need for the crafts aren't organized to find them right away. Now that the basement is finally put back together, it's so organized and easy to find everything. It's easy to get the craft items I need and use them, FINALLY!!! I made sure that I got all of the supplies together the night before and put them in a laundry basket. I gave Cam a big stretch canvas and some paint (it works great to put it in a muffin tin so they can mix colors) and let him go at it. He wanted me to paint my own canvas too! Of course, he wanted me to draw a giraffe! Here's our finished product(okay, Cam's is finished and mine-not so much:

Kait also made one too! I hung Kait's and Cameron's paintings in the dining room. They look great!

Today, we went to a Racine Family Club Christmas in July party! It was so much fun. Santa was there and Cameron was not too sure about him. He had a cap on and would peek at him from under his brim. They got to decorate cookies. First they got to mix the frosting and then they got to spread it on their cookie and put sprinkles on. Cam's favorite part was the sprinkles. This isn't the best pic but here he is licking the frosting off!

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