Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When life slows down

I love when we can actually just be home! This is especially true when it's night time. When we have these relaxed nights, I know why I love my life so much!! The kids were in the pool and Chris was sitting on the deck watching while I made dinner. I decided that we'd have dinner outside since the kids would be wet. It was a little chilly out so the kids needed lots of towels to keep warm but it was fun! I've been trying to make more homemade meals and with the help of some friends, I've started to accomplish this.

After dinner, we just stayed outside and played! Chris went in the shed to get something and he found a mouse (gross) inside of my seeds. Thank goodness I didn't open it to get more seeds for the bird feeder because I would have freaked out. Of course, Cam wanted to see so sticks his head right inside and wants to pick it up. We told him that he doesn't want to be picked up and would like to stay in the bucket. I asked Chris very nicely to please close the container which he did (thanks Chris). I turn around and there's Cameron kicking the bucket. We had to explain that it isn't very nice to kick the bucket and distracted him.

We decided to finally cage my tomatoes! My garden looks awesome! Thanks to Chris, of course! I couldn't do anything without him. He is my rock! I found the cutest tiny toad in the garden and showed it to Cameron. He was happy to look at it but wouldn't touch it. I'm not sure why considering he'd touch a mouse but not a tiny toad. Oh well!

Well that was our adventure for tonight! After that it was time for bed and Cameron wanted to take the Toad "Kermie" to bed with him. Chris and I told him that "Kermie" liked sleeping outside and needed to be near his family.

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