Monday, August 4, 2008

Chalk making/Kids at camp

I really need to come up with some better titles. Sometimes it's just one more thing to put effort in and I just want to have time to post!

The kids are gone to camp for a week. It's really weird not having them around. With only one child around, there sure is a lot more free time to do whatever. I wish this week wasn't so packed! There is so much fun stuff to do and I forget there are only 24 hours in a day! Poor Cam, he loves to just stay home and play but there's always all these chances to fun things and I overfill. Will he be ruined for overscheduling? No, but I need to slow down and enjoy the simple things. This is easier said then done! Our family is the type A personality family and it's hard for any of us to slow down.

Today we had friends over for chalk making! Instuctions on how to make:

Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
Duct tape
Wax paper
¾ cup warm water
Small bucket or disposable container
1 ½ cups plaster of Paris
2-3 tablespoons powdered tempura paint

Directions:If you’re using paper towel tubes, cut each tube in half. Cover one end of each paper tube with duct tape. Cut as many pieces of wax paper as you have tubes. Each piece should be as long as the tube and about 4 inches wide. Roll up each piece of wax paper and slip it into the tube.Pour the water into the bucket. Sprinkle the plaster of Paris over the water and stir the mixture thoroughly with a spoon. Mix in the tempura paint. (If you’d like pastel colors, you can mix brighter colors of tempura powder with some white.)Place each tube tape side down, on a level surface. Pour the wet plaster mixture into the tubes. Lightly tap the sides of each tube to release air bubbles, then set the plaster-filled tube aside to harden for a few days. Once it’s dry, peel off the tubes and wax paper.

*Alright, we modified this recipe a little. Use 2 parts of plaster of paris to 1 part water. We used toilet paper tubes, plastic egg cartons, and plastic baby food containers to make the chalk. When we mixed it, we used milk cartons and baby wipes containers. We also used liquid tempera paints too.

I'm really mad that I forgot to bring out my camera to take pictures of the chalk making. I get a new camera and stink at remembering to take the pictures! AUGH!!

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