Thursday, August 7, 2008

My little helper (& the kids come home tomorrow!)

I keep singing to myself! The kids come home tomorrow, the kids come home tomorrow! and doing a little dance! I couldn't be happier!!!

It is so easy just to do things myself!! But....WHAT'S THE FUN OF THAT!!! We're making I spy bottles with water bottles. I know I never do everything at one time...........sooooooooo we started with coloring the rice today. I let Cam put the rubbing alcohol and food coloring in the first one and the rubbing alcohol practically took his breath away from the smell that after the first one, I put the rubbing alcohol in the rest (holy run-on sentence, GEEZ). I'd love to fix it but I only have a minute before the little man wants to go to bed. That's as far as we got with our I spy bottles. Now I have to think of things to put it. I've got a rubberband, button, piece of crayon, hmmmmm what else. I've got tonight to think of more. Gotta get to bed, night!

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