Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crackin' Coconuts

Cameron and I had to run to the grocery store after school today and Cameron wanted to buy a coconut. I love coconut but it is so hard to find one that isn't rotten! We had to try!! We waited until Anthony got home and he helped us crack it open.
First the boys used a screwdriver to pound into the "eyes" of the coconut and pour the milk out! Cameron kept sticking his finger under the running milk and licking it saying "MMMMM!!!!" Both boys tried the milk! They like coconut milk.

They got to pound the coconut until it cracked open. This is the BEST part! They both love hitting it with the hammer! Unfortunately the coconut wasn't good and Chris is going to take it back and we'll try another one! ): Hopefully the next one will be better! (: We had fun though!!

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