Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mall of America

I can't believe I let Cameron go on this ride. It's sort of like The Giant Drop at Great America but not as tall (but it's pretty tall). Once he got on it, I wanted to pull him off but I didn't want to scare him from trying new things.
If you can see the first picture, Cameron wanted to talk to the boy next to him(he was probably 14 or 15) but the kid was scared SHITLESS! It was pretty funny to see Cameron looking at him and trying to talk to him but the kid wanted no part of it.
Cameron looks so little in the seat!!! I was getting a little nervous that he really wasn't really big enough for this. I thought they might have had the height sign wrong.

Good ol' Kaity took Cameron on some of the little kiddie rides and they both had a good time! (: The first picture isn't the clearest (I NEED to take a camera class!) but it shows how much fun they had. Here is Cammie having fun on the kid's bumper cars! The first couple times he got hit he was REALLY surprised!!! It was hilarous to watch his face when he got hit!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your description and photo of him talking to that scared big kid! Too funny!