Sunday, January 25, 2009


You have to see these awesome quilts that my mom and aunt made! We had Cameron's birthday party on Saturday and I was completely amazed by the great gifts that were given.
My aunt made this one for Cameron. We had a pirate themed birthday party so she came up with the idea to make him a treasure hunt quilt. The second picture shows that under the X on the bottom left corner is a treasure. It was so creative!! On the back corner, it says: Cameron's treasure 1-09.
Then to my surprise (my mom never even hinted that she was making this!) my mom made Cameron a quilt with all of our family members on it. It's really nice because you can switch in and out pictures. Cameron LOVES looking at the pictures of everyone. We had to take Chris' sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew's picture at the party to put on it because my mom didn't have a picture of them. At the bottom of the back of the quilt it says, "This quilt was lovingly created for Cameron Max Porcaro in celebration of his 3rd birthday! January 22, 2009 Love, Gramma Roxie" This is something that will treasured always!!

Happy Birthday Cammie!!

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Anonymous said...

Shan these are AMAZING!! What a lucky dude you are Cam!