Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will he forgive me for this when he gets older?

I love having boys! When I was pregnant with Cameron I really, really, really wanted a girl. I wanted to do all the things that I loved with Kaitlyn and more (is that possible????!!??). Okay, I wanted to be able to do a little girl's hair (Kait would NEVER let me touch her hair). I hate to say this but was disappointed when I found out that we were having another boy but goodness gracious God definitely knows what he is doing. I couldn't have asked for neater kid and have come to realize that I LOVE HAVING BOYS!! They are truly, truly different than girls ( please don't roll your eyes, I know what you are thinking). Here's my little guy with his big sis. He had NO desire to put clothes on and insisted on singing and playing piano to "Rainbow Connection". I even have it on video. It's great! This will be a great picture to show his wife or put on his graduation invites (just kidding!). Kids, I love them! There is nothing that makes me happier than all three of my kids. They are why I was put on earth (;

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