Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas gifts we made this year

I totally forgot to post this before. Cameron has a neighbor that he LOVES!!! Especially during the summer when he sees him all the time. We made this gift basket for him. Cameron helped make everything in there. Rich got to enjoy all sorts of yummy treats!! We had fun making the labels for each of the snacks. Cameron was a great helper with this!We also made Isabella some diapers for the doll we got her for Christmas! These were really easy and fun to make! Thanks to all the great tutorials that are on the internet! We made burp cloths to go with the diapers! This isn't the greatest picture but you get the point! We also made my mom some granola! We told her that whenever it was empty just give it back and we'll fill it up! She's already brought it back a couple times!
Lastly, we made Isabella homemade playdough for the whole year! At the beginning of each month, we bring her a new playdough and theme shaped playdough (cookie) cutter that has to do with month. For January, we brought her white playdough with iridescent glitter and a snowflake playdough cutter! We had a great time with this!! We also make a batch for preschool each month too!

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