Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I spy containers

We made some really fun I spy containers! We made an I spy bottle with Racine Family Club. Cam and I hosted a kids event making these. It was soooo easy to make. We already had colored rice and added that to a water bottle. Thank goodness we had some that I saved for a craft because we don't use ANY plastic water bottles anymore. It was fun to see what everyone came up with to put in their container. We let the kids decorate the paper with dip dots before we put the items that were in our containers.

Some ideas are: crayons, pom pons, tip eraser, foamies, penny, bead, golf tees, counting bears, ribbon, you can put anything that would fit in a water bottle

We also made some out of fabric! I really like the fabric ones better and they are quieter if you are going to take it with you to church or somewhere you'd like the kids to be quiet at. I'd like to make some theme ones with the fabric too. (Someday when there is time!)

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Peterson Party said...

I never a fabric "I Spy" game before. I really like that idea.