Monday, February 2, 2009

Cammie's birthday piratet party!

For Cammie's birthday, he had a pirate theme! I LOVE planning theme parties!!! Since it was just for family, we had didn't make any games but we did make a fabric bag for my cousins and niece to take home filled with goodies from the pirate chest!
Here's my little pirate! This was my nephew's halloween costume, who is 16 now. Cameron loves to wear it around the house!
We made his invitations for his party! I told you I love planning themed parties!

We painted Camerona pirate chest! It was fun to make and he can use it to keep lots of stuff in it and remember his party too!
We used a fabric runner on the table and filled it with fun pirate items!


Anonymous said...

That chest is cool. Did you have it made or did you buy it somewhere?

Three Wonderful Kids! said...

Come on Amanda!! I made it and it was a blast!!