Monday, February 16, 2009

For our buddy Rich!

Every holiday we have to make our neighbor, Rich, a treat! For Valentine's Day, we made him cookies. Cameron helped frost them and put sprinkles on them. He also made him a little love bug made out of craft foam. It was fun having him make this himself. He put some of the pieces upside down but he did it himself!
Cameron brought some carnations that we had leftover from the flower sale at the middle school to Rich's wife and daughter. He was so excited to bring them flowers; he had us wrap them with a bow! He made Rich a card too! I wish I would have taken a picture of, he did a great job! He was trying to write him a message and kept saying 68133334573, 68133334573. He's trying to say our phone number instead of writing him a message and I tried to tell him that Rich would love for him to tell him Happy Valentine's day, not our phone number. Cam didn't even get the phone number right, we're now working on our number and address now!

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Amy Schaal said...

Those are great crafts.