Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Wow! It's been a while since we've posted! I guess one of those reasons is because I can't find my favorite camera's charger (yeah, Chris is NOT happy) and I don't like the other camera. Actually as of yesterday, that camera is being fixed so I think I better go buy another charger. I know that once I do this, I will find my other one. Oh well, I guess I'll have a back-up then.

We made Bella her February playdough. For a Christmas present, we are making my niece playdough once a month with a cookie cutter to match the month and playdough too. This month we made the playdough pink with red glitter and it smelt (is that really how I spell it?) like cherries. The recipe we used is awesome!! You can find it in an old post, just look under playdough.

For our Valentine's party for Racine Family Club, we decided to make crayons and little books to go with them! We had fun making them for a while but we had to make 35 of them plus I made them for my class at school too. We made a total of 50 of them, if you figure that out it comes to 400 crayons I had to peel. Thank goodness I have kept the big kid's crayons since they were in kindergarten so we had plenty of crayons. We split them up into individual colors, I like them better than the colors mixed up. I was trying to figure out why I am so anal about things like that. After we made the crayons, I wanted to make a book to go along with them. I went to the IMC (Unified's central office) in Racine and made little heart booklets for the kids to color in them. These were really fun to make!
For Cameron's Valentines for school we made these:
They were really easy to make but fun! We used teddy grahams and gummy bears. I was surprised that Cameron didn't like gummy bears, when he tried them, he split it back out.

I love making homemade valentines! I also love having boys but I realize that with having boys that means that I can probably only make these kinds of valentines until he's in kindergarten or 1st grade. I worry that after that he won't think that they are very cool!

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Amy Schaal said...

What a great idea for Bella.