Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutting straws

I needed green straws to make our St. Patrick's Day bracelets so I bought some at Sendiks (my new favorite grocery store!!). Cameron saw me cutting them up and wanted to try too. He sat forever cutting straws apart. Today he asked if he could cut more straws apart! When he was cutting them the other day Chris was having a heart attack. He kept telling Cameron that he had cut enough that he was cutting to many. Of course, I gave Chris the oddest look and said, "A WHOLE PACK OF 100 STRAWS COST .84 . I THINK HE CAN CUT THE WHOLE PACK IF HE WANTS!!!!" I love Chris but he just doesn't get it sometimes. This is such a great skill for Cameron and I'll let him cut as many straws as he wants!!
We also have a gallon size ziplock bag filled with straws too! Hmmmm, now I need to find out what to do with them.

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