Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had a pizza party on Friday! Everything we did was about pizzas. First, we read the book,"Hi, Pizza Man!" by Virginia Walter.While we were making our pizza projects, we listened to the song, "I am a pizza" by Peter Alsop. This is a great song and will get stuck in your head easily!!
We made chef's hats using construction paper and coloring with markers on them. Next we made a pizza slice that we could wear. We just cut out a paper bag like a slice and cut a head hole.

Cameron made a pizza using different shapes as the ingredients. I cut out the crust and sauce out of construction paper and cut out triangle green peppers and onions, square sausage, round pepperoni and rectangle cheese. I let Cameron cut out some of the pepperoni and snip some of the cheese. We "painted" glue on the sauce and then let Cameron put the ingredients on. Once all of his ingredients were on his pizza, he got to sprinkle oregano on his pizza. He loved the pizza smell it gave the pizza.

*We do a lot of snips here; look at the post about snipping straws(it's a new favorite activity over here). I really like to use real glue and to control how much Cameron uses we use milk caps and small paintbrushes to "paint" our glue on projects. *

I also made a felt pizza that Cameron plays with. He likes to "make" a pizza for his sister. He likes to add "anchovies" because he knows that she will overreact about them and that makes him laugh.


Amy Schaal said...

Looks like so much fun. Great idea.

sandy said...

Great pizza party! My girls would love all of these activities! Thanks for sharing:0)