Sunday, March 8, 2009

Five Little Pizzas Felt Board Flannel Board

We are talking about healthy eating. I think the best way to talk about the 5 food groups is a pizza!!! You've got your breads: crusts, tomato sauce: vegetables(I guess), cheese: dairy, veggies on top: vegetables, sausage or pepperoni: meat. There you go, all the good food groups (:

We made these pizzas to use with our flannel board. I love using our flannel board now! I'll post more flannel boards that we've done lately in a couple days. Enjoy!!
Five Little Pizzas
Five little pizzas sitting in a row, toss one up, then there was four...
No little pizzas.....

Pizza Shop
Down around the corner in the pizza shop.
There were lots of pieces of pizza with pepperoni on top
Along came (child's name) all alone
He (or She) bought one that had (# of pepperonis) pepperoni
And took it home
Note: Do this with a flannelboard removing a piece of pizza with the specified number of pepperonis with each verse.

I added this as a bonus song:
If You Want To Eat Some Pizza
Sung to: "If You're Happy and You Know It"
If you want to eat some pizza, clap your hands,(clap, clap),
If you want to eat some pizza, clap your hands, (clap, clap),
If you like bubbly cheese ,then just say "Pizza, please!"
If you want to eat some pizza, clap your hands, (clap, clap).
If you want to eat some pizza, stamp your feet,(stamp, stamp)...
If you want to eat some pizza, shout "Hooray!", ("Hooray!")...
If you want to eat some pizza, do all three, (Clap, clap, stamp, stamp, "Hooray!")


Annie's Alphabet said...

Oh my gosh...I love this! We are doing a pizza theme! Thank your site.

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Great idea! How did you make your flannel board? I was thinking of covering a large cork board w/flannel...wasn't sure if that would work well?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! Do you put someting on the pizzas to make tem stick??? Not sure how a flannel board works as you can see ;) Love the idea of having one and playing like that!