Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Craft

I know St. Patrick's Day is over but if I don't put this on here I'll forget what I did by next year! (:
This was so easy to make and Cameron enjoyed glueing and snipping. We even brought this to school and the kids enjoyed it too. We used strips of green paper and I let Cameron color the shamrock first. Then he snipped the paper and glued it on the shamrock.

I think it turned out cute!We also made a shamrock counting game. I made a bag out of St. Patricks Day fabric to keep the numbers in. You could also use dice and shake the dice to see which number you would mark off. If you were using a dice you would only put numbers 1-6 on the shamrocks. Cameron would pick a number out of the bag and make it to one of the numbers on the paper. He would then mark it off by putting a dot on the shamrock. This was great because not only did he work on his numbers but he also had to be extra careful to get the dot on the shamrock number. I think I'm going to try to make one of these for easter too! Here's the bag I made for it! This was fun to make! I've got a couple of other sewing projects that I need to get working on too. I'm still such a beginner! (:

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Anonymous said...

Very cute ideas! I love the little bag.