Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bella's tutu

Wow! It's been a while! This is sad to say but Cam and I haven't been working on a lot lately. I've been working on some stuff for preschool but Cameron really hasn't been interested in doing big crafts.

I have to show you the tutu we made for my niece's 2nd birthday!
We bought tulle from Joann Fabrics. We were suppose to make this for Christmas but I never got around to finishing it so she got it for her birthday. You can make this any color you want. We made Bella's pink and yellow. I used two strips of pink for one yellow.
I folded the tulle in half and cut it 3 inches by 14 inches using my rotary cutter. I don't know how many I cut because I used as many that would make it look full.
We used a stretchy headband for the waist. I used Cameron to see if it was big enough for Bella and it would be a perfect size for any child 1 1/2-5 years old. I know that sounds like a big difference but its nice because it stretches if you need it to.

Next I sat down on the floor in the family room, turned on soap operas (it was a great excuse to watch soaps!!) and put the elastic around my leg like a garter. Take one piece of the cut tulle and slip it under the elastic and make sure the tulle has even ends and tie a double knot.

Just keep taking the tulle one by one and tie it on the elastic using a double knot until its all filled up.

Make sure you keep the knot part towards the bottom so it lays nicely. I was going to wrap a pink ribbon around the top part but it looked fine without. I wish I had a picture of Bella wearing it. My mom says she wears it everyday, all day!


Anonymous said...

That's really cute! I have a niece that could use one of these in the future :)

Momma D to Three said...

the tutu is adorable! great job!
"IF" you even need to make another one they make tulle already in 6" sections. I buy it on a roll from here and then just cut it into 18"-24" pieces! I thought it was much easier than having to cut each individual piece into 6" sections!