Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birds, Birds

We were home all day today (ahhhhhh)!! I love days like these! There is always something to do and lately I have forgotten to just slow down and enjoy. Since we were home today, we made a birdfeeder. We used an empty Motts for Tots bottle. I cut two holes in the sides using a x-acto knife and two holes up top to knot a rope in to hang it.

I let Cameron paint it. He picked the colors out. He is so into pink (its his favorite color right now). I would probably be a little worried about that if he was my first boy but I remember that Anthony use to like to wear Kait's Jane dress (from Tarzan and Jane), white gloves and the parisal and he's turned out GREAT!! It's something that he's just roll his eyes at me when I tell the story when he gets older. I LOVE teenagers!!!!!!!
He started out using a paintbrush but asked if he could fingerpaint the rest. I know it's messy but its fun!!
Here's our birdfeeder done. I hope the bright colors don't keep the birds away!
We also made multigrain cheerios birdfeeders. We used multigrain cheerios (obviously) and a pipe cleaner! This was great fine motor for Cameron but in the beginning he would string one and eat one, string one and eat one. Here's how they ended up looking like and by the next morning all the cheerios were gone. Hmmm, I hope it was the birds that ate them and not something else!!


Anonymous said...

Pink is also Tristen's favorite color right least now I know he's not alone :)

jennwa said...

Those are fun bird feeders. My kids always lov making them.

Thanks for linking, have a great weekend.

Denise said...

Love the Cheerios bird feeders. I think we'll make them today!