Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bird Feeders

We made bird feeders today! I didn't realize that Cam liked peanut butter but when we were trying to make them, he kept eating the peanut butter! First we let a bagel sit out overnight to let it harden a little.
Cameron spread the peanut butter on the bagel. He's using the plastic knife we got at IKEA. I know, I know I shouldn't have let him lick the knife but I did!
I put some birdseed in a little bowl to let him sprinkle the birdseed on the peanut butter bagel. If you do this, put the bagel on a cookie sheet before you start. It keeps everything contained nicely! We didn't even have to vacuum after; anything that fell off the bagel stayed on the tray.

Try to remember to put your yarn or string on before you put the peanut butter and birdseed on. I didn't do that and it wasn't bad but it was a little messier doing it after (:Here's our birdseed bagels hanging outside! Hopefully we'll get to see some birds eating our seeds. When we were outside Cameron kept saying, "Come on birdie-birdies! I have some delicious food for you!!"

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea!!! I'm definately going to do this with Tristen!!