Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kite-Now where's the warm weather??

We made a kite today! We were looking for something arty to do today and came up with a kite project. I decided that we were going to make a diamond and decorate it and we ended up turning it into a kite. First we cut out a diamond shape, then we colored it. Cameron is not really into coloring but we got these really cool watercolor crayons so he thought it was neat that he got to paint with water after he colored.

We painted our picture next. All we needed was some water and the watercolor crayons came with a paintbrush.

I let Cameron put stickers on next. He LOVES stickers and we've got quite a collection. He spent a lot of time looking through the stickers and seeing what we had.

After he was done, we added a crepe paper tail and string for a handle. Here's his finished project. He was so proud of it. It was a little hard to get it flying in the house but once we go outside he'll be able to get it to fly (okay, follow behind him) around the yard.

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