Friday, February 27, 2009

Super Grover!

We've decided to try to motivate Cameron into potty training. It's probably not the best idea but we've got to motivate him somehow! We've been working on a sticker chart where after he earns 10 stickers he gets a special surprise. He REALLY loves these Knex Sesame Street characters. He picked out the Super Grover for his first surprise and has earned it and loves to put it together. He seems really proud of himself that he can get these together by himself! We're now working on getting Abby Cadabby Knex. He's being a stinker because when he decides he'd like it he goes potty and gets a sticker but sometimes he says, "no, I don't feel like getting Abby Cadabby right now! Someone said that we should try setting a tiimer every 45 minutes and trying to go potty when the timer goes off. Hmmm, if only we would stay home for one whole day to try this!

Doesn't he look so proud???

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Amy Schaal said...

Cute pictures. Good luck with potty training!